In the southern Malaysia there is the world capital of condoms production, a small town called Pontian. The man behind the condom revolution is a 35 yo malaysian entrepeneur who's building an empire on safe sex. Goh Miah Kiat is the king of the condom, third generation of rubber gloves company, now he ows the largest condom factory in the world. It's named Karex (care - X) and recently went public on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, where sharia law identifies good or bad shares. Global demand for condoms is expected to remain resilient at 7.5 per cent growth a year. Karex plans to double its capacity to 6bn pieces by the end of 2015. But the condom revolution is played in new materials (nanotechnology), new funny packagingand a new role of condoms in the couple 's life (more as a game than just a medical stuff)